Sunday, October 01, 2006

Then there were nine (including one with Asperger's)

A few more and we can form a football team !

  • Lisa - Extrovert. Loves fashion and music.
  • Simon - Mature. Teaches the other personalities.
  • Baby Elsa - Darling. Keeps it lively.
  • Beth - Religious. Conducts meditation classes.
  • Baby Anita - Elsa's twin. Stickler for hygiene.
  • Anna - Intelligent. Unable to speak.
  • Vika - Expressive. Teaches folk tales to Elsa and Anita.
  • Vini - Friendly. Loves to sing.
  • Yet to be named - An asperger's personality.

We are all busy keeping the newest member of our team occupied. She is extremely hyperactive and demands 24/7 attention.

My daughter who has been elected as the honorary president of the personality's club conducts meetings every Saturday. Each personality gets 2 minutes to speak and express their views. We review their progress, assign internal responsibilities and distribute prizes to each one of the personalities.

Found this article on Multiple Personality very informative.

More later.