Monday, May 25, 2009

Controlling the host body

This weekend shall discuss one of several interesting concepts

: Controlling the host through thoughts
: Communication through thoughts / speech
: Disconnecting communication channels
: Fusion - a state of shock
: How to control malevolent personalities
: Do personalities need a team leader

If you would like me to address any one of these concepts first, please do ping me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Personalities in a personality

We are now 25 + 3. 25 of us are the main personalities inside.

In addition there are personalities-in-personalities. Needless to say all these three are inside the baby personalities and have been with them from the time they were created. They are all tough and their primary task is to come out when the babies feel threatened.

Like all of us they were photo sensitive when they first came out. Though they are inside baby personalities, they are all adults and seem well aware of who they are. Of course when they come out, our host body suffers from headaches.

We are a well knit team - babies, girl gang, boys and other adults. We speak 12 languages all put together. It is a problem though when we decide to watch TV.

Shall post more regularly from now on. I see that the psychiatric community is not too knowledgeable when it comes to dealing with us. For instance they talk about integration and fusion of personalities. That is a whole pile of b/s.

Imagine you have been traumatized. Then you are imprisoned in a dark room. You have a small smoked glass window through which you can see the world but cannot come out. Each time you do people misunderstand your presence, laugh at or worse still shout at you. You cannot have your own friends (outside), go to school if you are a child or take your own decisions. Then some smart ass doctor decides that he needs to help the host body by getting rid of you. He drives you into a state of shock in which you cannot speak or even articulate your thoughts to your host body or fellow personalities. That is fusion my friends. In the real world outside this would be called torture.

More later.