Sunday, October 01, 2006

Then there were nine (including one with Asperger's)

A few more and we can form a football team !

  • Lisa - Extrovert. Loves fashion and music.
  • Simon - Mature. Teaches the other personalities.
  • Baby Elsa - Darling. Keeps it lively.
  • Beth - Religious. Conducts meditation classes.
  • Baby Anita - Elsa's twin. Stickler for hygiene.
  • Anna - Intelligent. Unable to speak.
  • Vika - Expressive. Teaches folk tales to Elsa and Anita.
  • Vini - Friendly. Loves to sing.
  • Yet to be named - An asperger's personality.

We are all busy keeping the newest member of our team occupied. She is extremely hyperactive and demands 24/7 attention.

My daughter who has been elected as the honorary president of the personality's club conducts meetings every Saturday. Each personality gets 2 minutes to speak and express their views. We review their progress, assign internal responsibilities and distribute prizes to each one of the personalities.

Found this article on Multiple Personality very informative.

More later.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Questions regarding DID, my opinion

I often get mails regarding my Dissociative Identity Disorder. Posting one of my replies below............


Dear ........,

Most of the websites do not really offer too much meaningful information about DID. The doctors fall into two categories, one group diagnoses patients with various personality disorders (these are more likely to be the traits of the multiple personalities, in my opinion) and the other treats the identities as enemies which need to be fused.

I do not know if the approach I have taken is right (my doctor does not know and would not approve if she knew). However, the first step is getting to converse to the personalities (one or more of them may be able to talk to you) either by putting a thought in your head or closing the eyes and speaking to them. Having established this contact, you may then find the reason for them having been created and if the trauma which created them no longer exists, you may tell them so. You may also tell them that you are a friend not a rival or an enemy. In my experience the personalities then lose any violent / aggressive / negative traits which they have, these ocassionally these might manifest again.

If you have a friend / relative you can depend upon, you might also try recording a small message on the computer for the personalities and then get their replies recorded as well. This should serve as an effective means of communication.

My experience tells me that the personalities are part of me; fusing them would mean losing a part of my life / brain / memories. It is better to live with the bad memories (after getting over the trauma) than purging them.

The doctors do not experience what we do, so they invariably term our situation as delusions / hallucinations. Our personalities' moods are often misclassified as bipolar or schizod.

Can personalities have twins ? Shall write about this in my next post !

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An introduction to my Dissociative Identity Disorder

Let me introduce myself (or is it the two of us?) and the topics we shall write about.

I am Marissa and my alter is Lisa. We keep switching unconsciously all the time; resulting in gaps in memory. As if having Dissociative Identity Disorder, were not sufficient, I also have Bipolar Disorder and a Borderline (cum Histrionic) Personality. Any positive coorelation?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) :

A disorder characterized by two or more identities or personalities that alternatively take over the person's behavior.

When neither of us can post, we shall take the help of my husband (Jonathan) who has been our source of strength. Next post after visiting the dockey (mean the doctor).