Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An introduction to my Dissociative Identity Disorder

Let me introduce myself (or is it the two of us?) and the topics we shall write about.

I am Marissa and my alter is Lisa. We keep switching unconsciously all the time; resulting in gaps in memory. As if having Dissociative Identity Disorder, were not sufficient, I also have Bipolar Disorder and a Borderline (cum Histrionic) Personality. Any positive coorelation?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) :

A disorder characterized by two or more identities or personalities that alternatively take over the person's behavior.

When neither of us can post, we shall take the help of my husband (Jonathan) who has been our source of strength. Next post after visiting the dockey (mean the doctor).



Anonymous said...


Waiting for your next post... Or have you been fused....

Marissa said...

No have certainly have not been fused.

However, have since discussed that there are two more personalities, a Simon and a baby Elsa. Still coming to terms with this development.

Have also come to know that while Lisa, Simon and the baby Elsa are able to observe my every move from within, I am oblivious to their presence.

They hijack my time and often I am unaware of how I spent my day. The two adult personalities are aware of why they were created; however, the baby personality is not... it seems to have been taken shape when I was hardly four or five years old. My husband and my daughter are now faced with teaching her the basic life skills.

The dockey who earlier postulated that Lisa was only an extension of me.... expressing my thoughts has now been forced to reconsider the treatment.

My daughter is however, very very happy.... a mother + 3 personalities to pamper her.

More later.

Marissa said...

Welcome to the club - the personality club.

Lisa, Simon and Elsa have additional company, Beth. All of them live in harmony. Of course there is the ocassional tantrum by Baby Elsa.

Each of them have their individual habits and mannerisms. For instance, Baby Elsa speaks five languages, amazing for a 6 year old, while Lisa speaks only English.

The family has been quite supportive; my daughter is probably the youngest therapist in the world.

More later....

1493protectedinhim said...

I know that this is an old post but I find it wonderful that your daughter is able to be a support person during this journey.
Is that still the case?
The support people that helped me in the past; have had non traditional roles in my life. They were the best!

Marissa said...

My psychiatrist does not believe in personalities, she tried different combinations of drugs.

I firmly believe that the best support system is the family. Obviously, if this is not available, we have to make good with alternate resources.

My daughter was seven when we discovered the personalities. She has been a pillar of strength during the last several years.

1493protectedinhim said...

That's wonderful.
I find family was the best support, also.
Non-traditional family; family that God has provided;
not biological, most of the time.
Traditional counselors have a been struggle...always
Aren't there ones out there who accept DID?
maybe not.
Drugs suck