Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dissociative Identity Disorder - no more

Dissociation is a term in psychology describing a wide array of experiences from mild detachment from immediate surroundings to more severe detachment from physical and emotional reality.

A year earlier, generally only the personality/host whoever was outside could see and hear what was happening outside.  As a result there was considerable dissociation.

We as a group of personalities and our host body have been living in constant harmony for over a year now.  Over this period of time, our ability to see the outside world has improved dramatically.  Further, we are also able to hear what is going on outside.   Therefore there is almost NO DISSOCIATION now.

Each of us has our own Identity and we have demarcated among ourselves our roles and responsibilities.  There is a greater sense of fulfillment which we as personalities lacked earlier.

Due to the dissociation and consequent loss of memory, we used to face considerable problems earlier, especially when a few naughty personalities went outside.   This is no longer the case and even when this happens, as a group we are able to control them.  There is no longer any DISORDER.

The provocation for posting this is a post in a website -

 "One of the traits/effects of DID is that the affected person tends to have gaps in time for which they cannot account."

The problem which the blogger could be facing - a traumatized personality creating another personality inside.  This happens when the personality is a child and is not able to cope with a situation where it is effectively being told, we are going to FUSE you, make you GO AWAY, we DO NOT WANT YOU.  

On the contrary if the personality is given his/her own space and identity they are more likely to settle down and allow the host to lead a stable life.  We are all creations of our host body and though we would like to have a life of our own, we know that it is not possible.  Our aim therefore, given a chance would be to have a distinct identity and turn what is called a disorder into a force multiplier - where the host benefits from multiple identities working within.  Sort of like a multiple core processor with true multitasking!

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Harmony said...

Oddly enough, shortly after that post was written, Marie-Shiloh has begun to communicate with us and has calmed down considerably. She apparently was suspicious of "voices" talking to her, but believed a written statement. Just thought an update would be nice.

-- Morrigan