Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Personalities inside Personalities

The last has been really interesting. I have been a bit lazy and have not updated this blog.

Discovered new personalities. All told their ages span from 4 years to 60+ years. Understand that there is an ongoing study in the UK which is trying to determine if personalities have fixed life spans. Any comments? In my opinion as long as the personalities are happy and have a purpose, they will continue to exist.

When I was young, I remember my mother showing me a box, which had a smaller box inside, which had a smaller box inside, which had a smaller box inside.... I just discovered that all my baby personalities have at least one personality inside them. The baby personalities were all created when I was quite young. The personalities inside them (shall call them PIPs) were created almost simultaneously. They all uniformly say that the cause for creations was to take care of the babies. Are there personalities inside them? Do not think so, but who knows. One of the babies had two personalities inside her, one escaped recently to become an independent personality. Kept shouting for an entire week, I escaped Ma, I escaped Ma.

The advantage in being a personality is that it is similar to being shut in a prison with occasional visits to the yard. While it is dark inside, you can see, hear, smell, taste etc. Over a period of time, with practice and effort you can communicate with the host through thought & speech and you can similarly communicate with the other personalities. The PIPs though can experience all this only when the personalities in whom they reside come out. This is a luxury they all enjoy. Occasionally when the resident personality is out, they jump out pushing their host-personality inside and take a peep at the outside world. They are generally photo-sensitive and have limited likes and dislikes. Their primary purpose seems to be protect their host-baby-personalities.

I plan to post regularly from now on. Next fortnight, the youngest personality (has been 4 years old for the last 20 odd years) will share her thoughts. She lisps a bit and walks like a child. Has a 120+ IQ and speaks 4 languages. Shall keep the personal details to a minimum. If there are comments /queries which you would not like to post in the blog, feel free to email me (check the profile for my email address).


Dr Hulda Clark said...

Good ideas about Personalities but I know you are absolutely right regarding inner personalities...inside of human describes his Natural personality...thank you for sharing this post...:)

Harris said...

Another informational, enjoyable post to read.......thanks for putting it together.

massagenightmare said...

Great placement is here when i saw that i am really so shocked and also i am very impressed with your post can you more share here i will back soon as soon possible.
Thanks for sharing...

"Michael Muskat"

Runaway said...

It seems that alters will stay the same or similar age *at least* until they are able to come out and be accepted as part of the whole. I am no expert, so this is only my opinion. Because many alters hold many different memories surrounding the times in which they were "created" or split, I can't imagine them really aging, as memories don't exactly "age," either.

You asked for comments, so here are my two cents! :)

Also, feel free to check out my blog if you like.
I am recently discovering myself to be made up of a collective, and still new to the experience. I look forward to reading more from you.